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A Suspended Dreamer’s Prelude

24 Nov

Hello, inter-web.  Welcome to my brain!

So today I’ve decided to do something that I likely should have done a decade ago, back when the internet was still a fresh wilderness of promise, and I myself a budding singularity, brimming with the infinitely possible.  Back when, in the soft, unsettled light of youth, endless doors were cracked open, though my eyes were always glued (of course) to that perpetually greener grass on some distant, other side.  But today I’ve decided to embrace that pioneer-spirit, grasp at whatever sovereign potential I may have within me as a writer (embarrassingly hopeful noun!), and throw some words out into the void.  What I’m getting at is, I’ve decided to *gulp* … blog.

I have to confess a prior distrust of blogging.  It seemed, I don’t know. Too easy.  In my (arguably misguided) sense of romanticism, I felt that my path to writer-hood lay out on the open road, a wandering scholar-warrior; armed with my wits, a manual typewriter, and the glimmering idealism of a man dipping his toes newly into the world.  I explored a lot of country, and had many wonderful experiences.  But I didn’t write them down!  I didn’t write a goddamn thing. I was unable to strike that balance between living externally and creating internally – time and energy were digested by life itself, and there were no scraps left over to put words to paper.  Regret wouldn’t be the right word, but I lament the loss of time.  Hey, what mortal doesn’t?

Fast-forward, and now I’m a gypsy with a broke-down wagon, semi-sedentary, semi-employed, semi-wiser.  Maybe.  And over time, “digital content” has become not only a potent vehicle for art and ideas, but in many ways the new standard.  So, with my newly planted roots and regular access to a computer, it seems like a good time to inch my nose towards the grindstone, and make an offering to the babble of the virtual world.  I extend a preemptive “thank you” for taking the time to read this, with extra thanks for anyone willing to toss over words of critique, perspective, agreement, absurdity, or just a friendly how-are-ya.

Here’s to the future – may it always be unwritten.