60 Second Review – Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun

11 Oct

Black MoonBlack Moon by Kenneth Calhoun
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First off – titling your debut novel to rhyme with your last name is genius. “what have you been reading?” “Black Moon by Calhoun” – so easy to remember!

This book has some impressive elements. I thought the author captured the crushing, inescapable, often nonsensical nature of insomnia, and brought it to an exciting and extreme degree. I was drawn in to the suspense of the story, how the mundane becomes dangerous, and how we are just animals underneath our rationality and cognizance. There were a few off-notes, scenes that felt a bit long, the occasional rambling dream-sequence that I had trouble paying attention to. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the ending. I think there’s a little Cormac McCarthy in this, that bleak, apocalyptic, good-guys-don’t-always win atmosphere. Calhoun handles multiple perspectives and jumping timelines deftly, which is no small writerly feat. Overall, it was a great read that I zipped through in two (somewhat sleepless) nights, and I will surely have my eye out for whatever he produces next.

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